Pizza Party

I hate pizza.
But Taylor really really REALLY wanted pizza,
and since I'm ridiculously sweet, generous, and perfect, I gave in.
We ordered a chicken pizza for pick-up
The pizza place closed at ten.
It was 9:55.
Taylor drove like a maniac and made many...friends.
We got there with NO time to spare!
Then it happened....
no wallets.
We were walletless.
I don't think I've heard anyone say "eff word" as many times as I heard Taylor say it that night. 
And I mean eff word. Literally. Not @%$# but "eff word"
So a zillion "eff words" later, we came back to the pizza joint, wallets in hand.
Taylor ran to the building entrance as I waited in the car across the street.
the building was locked... :(
well, Taylor was leaned up against the door in a way that reminded me of this:
and the part when Nacho squeezes his butt to impress the nun...
to be blunt, I am engaged to this guy
....so I look at his butt on occasion...
So, I rolled down the window and yelled
"Do the Nacho Libre Butt!"
he didn't hear me,
so I yelled it again and again, louder and louder
he did it 
"ahem....sir the pick-up door is this way..."
So, Taylor was caught red handed..er..butted doing the Nacho Libre butt.
He deserved his pizza.

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  1. That's hilarious. :D
    But why on earth don't you like pizza?