Help Jaceland

There are many etsy shops out there.
Not gonna lie, this is what happens when I usually look at an Etsy shop.
Hey that's cool, I could totally make that.
And then I definitely don't buy and definitely do make it.
But there's some shops that have that WOW factor.
Introducing Jaceland!
Jacie is adorable :) 
Hear her out!!:
hey you guys! 

i have 87 sales at my etsy shop, JACELAND!
i need your help to get to 100 by the end of the month! :)
in order to do so, i'm offering 15% off your entire purchase until i get to 100!
use code SUNSHINE15

this doesn't mean that YOU have to buy something, but if you could help me spread the word, i'd be very VERY grateful! 
ways YOU could help:
***buy something***
***say a prayer***
***repost this to your blog***
***offer my site to someone else looking for a gift***
***other stuff i can't think of***
Wanna see some of my favorite products?!
I thought so.
Isn't she just adorable??
Visit Jaceland now!
(Because the prices freaking rock AND she just gave y'all a discount!)

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