the case of the missing rico

We've been hamster sitting for my sister.
She has an adorable, sweet hamster named Rico.
Well, this morning my sister woke me up with 
"I know you're sleeping, but Rico is missing! So if you hear any scratching.."
I got up to help the search.
Unfortunately, there was a very pessimistic cloud over our efforts.
Because of this:
this is my cat, Scamp.
He's seriously 20 pounds or so and loves to eat...EVERYTHING..
including hamsters.
The carpet was all shredded by the door of Rico's bedroom...
(aka the room his cage is in)
He must have escaped.
So, my sister and I got on all fours and began to play
Where would I go if I was a lil' hamster.
we crawled throughout the entire house.
We looked under everything.
We looked in everything.
 We looked over(?) everything.
But after an hour of searching, we came to the sad conclusion..
He must be inside our big, fat, kitty.
We dumped some food on the floor just in case, and gave up.
Eventually, my aunt came over, and my little cousin was NOT okay with giving up.
He NEEDED to find Rico.
So, his mom took a whack at it, and guess what?
After less than one minute,
She found him!
he was in the bottom drawer, right under his cage.
It was quite the happy celebration!
Also, I get married in exactly 1 month!


  1. Hahaha you're such a nerd! I can totally see you crawling around... Cute girl :) just 1 more month! I love you!!

  2. i had a hamster once... but we forgot to give it water. and it was nowhere the size of that critter. that thing is freaking huge!

  3. Such a cute story! ha! By the way -- I nominated you for an award :) http://dreamonlovely.blogspot.com/2012/08/i-got-award.html