My New Job

As soon as I quit my old job, I got a new one!
Unfortunately, I don't get paid for it and it doesn't at all benefit society.
What is this job, you ask?
I'm a full-time Toddlers & Tiaras watcher.
Yes. Yes that is it.
You can call that show whatever you want!
Sick, sad, disgusting, but I tell you what,
dem girls are so dang cute!!!
And most of the time, they really like doing pageants and have a lot of fun!
Makes me wanna do pageants!
I could pull off a crown!
 But I guess I should continue my job hunt for something that actually pays.
I had an interview yesterday and one today!
Wish me luck :)
Also! If anyone wants to do a guest post for me or a giveaway, let me know!
I would LOVE to have you! :) :D <3


  1. i would love to do a guest post/giveaway with some etsy swag! :)

  2. Good luck on the job search!!! :)

  3. That show is so cute! xD
    Hope you find an awesome job you like!

    Love, Hannah...<3