it's not a girl crush!

Today I wanna blog about a girl that I talk about a lot...
but it's not because I have a girl crush on her!
I have a girl crush on Katy Perry...mayyyyybe Emma Stone,
but anyway, her name is Bri.
I've mentioned her in many posts
(here, here, and here)
She did a guest post,
I wrote about her in my "Delighted :)" page,
and she's the one with the big black and white button on the sidebar.
okay...it sounds a lil' girl crushy, but it's not!!
So, why Kolie?
Why do you talk about this girl so flippin much?
Well, it's because she's basically the nicest person ever.
And I will tell you why.
This is a really hard time in my life.
I have no money, I feel down on my appearance, family nonsense, bleh blah bleh, but she continually does nice things for me AND Tay day after day!
Our awkward sister pic. haha :)

She drove us the half hour to Tay and Ryan's (her husby) work two days in a row!
She took me shopping and helped me find a cute outfit..ALL about me!
She took pictures of Tay and I for engagements!
She lets me borrow her clothes!
Yesterday, she hosted the CUTEST bridal shower for me!
There were TONS of cute decorations and games!
She got me an adorable gift!
She's just..amazing!
And I don't know how to repay her.
 Before I met her, there were a TON of misconceptions about her...
I was intimidated by her amazingly cute sense of style, and I thought she hated me :)
She didn't.
She's so so nice, and people made me think she wasn't...
It was incredibly lame :(

Dear Bri,
I am EXCITED as all get out to be your sister.
You deserve the best!
I'm so glad to have met you :)
Your future little sis.

More pictures she took of me and Tay :)


  1. I wanna meet this girl some time. :)

  2. Ok, you make me wanna cry cause you are too sweet. You completely deserve it all!!! I just love doing things for you cause it makes you happy. Love you lots :)

  3. Congrats on your engagement and your photos are lovely!