What To Expect

Tay and I saw a movie
What to Expect When You're Expecting
Rotten Tomatoes declared it rotten, but I undeclare that!
It really gives you a glimpse into real life.
Real, gritty, funny, sad, hopeful, life.

It was a great way for Taylor and I to reconnect.
Life has thrown a lot of curveballs at us lately...especially with family and money.
We suddenly have to live like....adults.
And in doing so, we forgot what's really important.
Everything will be fine if we have us.
The thing with this movie, is that every single one of the little families has a different, very real, situation.
A young girl with a miscarriage.
The perfect, beautiful, rich girl that has an incredibly smooth pregnancy..and you wanna hate her, but she's so nice to everyone!
The woman with the tough pregnancy, and an even tougher birth.
The woman that isn't blessed with the ability to have children, and so adopts.
And the woman that just wants everything to be perfect.
Every woman compares herself to others.
Every woman wants things to work out perfectly.
Every woman cries, and fights, and laughs.
And just so you know, I can still laugh with Taylor if we lived in a cardboard box.
Go see it.
It's really good.


  1. Is this the one with all the funny dads too? Cause I saw commercials for the one with funny dads and it made me want to see it really bad

    1. haha yep! That was Taylor's favorite part for sure!

  2. I really wanted to see this but I can't seem to drag my husband to it with me... lame! I'm so glad that you liked it though, I heard some really terrible reviews... but I always seem to like the movies with sucky reviews! :)