Yesterday was friday.
No duh.
Bri went shopping with me and I got some help for dressing my curvy body in a modest way!
Check it!!
(the cute clothes, not the weird face)
Cute right??
And the shoes...
Super cute. 
It was fun shopping with Bri.
She's like a whole different breed of person.
I'm the shopping mutt, and she's the highly trained, pure-bred, showdog.
We got like 40 different pieces of clothing!
Try on, approve/disapprove, take off, sort, sort, sort. done.
That's how shopping is SUPPOSED to be done.
I really like my new clothes and hope to get $$ so I can get more!
(this is where the I REALLY NEED A JOB thing comes in.)
Anyway, so after that funness, my lovely Tay decided to splurge and take me to the movie, Brave.
We got there an hour early and laid on the floor til they would seat us :)
  It was a great movie, and get this!
So, we don't have a ton of money right now and we were pretty full so we opted to not get popcorn.
But here's something you should know about me.
I freaking LOVE popcorn!
It is BY FAR my favorite food!
Especially kettle corn!!!
So, we finally got seated, and although I was okay with our decision to save money, I secretly wanted popcorn SOOOOOOOOOO bad.
While we were waiting for the movie to begin, Taylor started complaining of a stomach ache.
:( Poor baby.
So, he went off to the bathroom to be sick and whatnot :/
I continued to watch the dumb pre-preview garbage, when some guy with popcorn and soda tried to take Tay's seat!
H no, he's not!
I turned to give the guy a piece of my mind! Ya know, tell him get the heck away from my love's seat!
(aka sorry, this seat is saved :( )
But it wasn't some random guy!
It was MY guy!
With popcorn!!!
I love him.
I love popcorn.
I love him.
He said he knew I couldn't live without it.
You bet I can't!
    What a wonderful friday :)

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