Bread Winner

This is my bread winner.
He's pa-retty good lookin' if I say so myself.
I like not being the bread winner...kinda.
I like not constantly worrying about money:
how much we have
how much we need
how much we've spent
You may say
But, Kolie! You should be MORE worried about all that because now you have less money!
But for some reason, when I'm not working 40 hours a week, I feel less responsible for what goes on.
That may be bad.
But Taylor says "we'll be okay," and I believe him.
I DON'T like being so "useless" though
Taylor says he "only needs my smile,"
buuuuuut my wallet thinks he's exaggerating just a lil' teeny tiny bit.
My past two interviews ended in a big, steaming, pile of nothing.
But I keep sending out my resume, and I have another one on Monday!
If Taylor were a photographer...
And if I don't get it...
You will know.
Because I will be sad.
On the bright side!
My dress alterations are FREE, because my Grandpa is a sewing machine mechanic and traded a kind woman his services for my alterations :)
Also! I found extensions for only $12 , thanks to a giftcard I had!
Alllllso, my future sis-in-law gave me a free fresh water pearl necklace, ice cream cone, and pedicure!!!!
People rock.

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