Simple Pleasures

You know the times in life where it gets really really hard to think of the good?
And you sit around wondering 
"When do I get a break??"
That kind of time.
And everyone goes through that at least once.
Haha, some of us get to go through it a lot more than once.
But that's okay.
It helps to see the simple pleasures.
Taylor and I bought a plant.
It's a really big, really pretty plant.
It's a mixture of our favorite colors!
White and Purple.
It's gorgeous.
But a while ago, it started to die.
There were only 2 blossoms left when I asked Taylor,
"Is it okay if we pray for our plant?"
Without hesitating, Taylor said a prayer.
It went something like this:
Please help our plant to grow.
Please help it to receive the nourishment it need to be healthy.
We are so so sorry for not taking care of it like we should.
Help us to know how to make it live again.
Help us to know what to do to help it grow again.
We ask for this small blessing, please.

The next day, our plant was still dead.
And the next day.
And the next day.
I was getting quite discouraged.
We were watering it every day, why won't our prayer be answered?
 I decided to move it to a sunnier spot..maybe it needs more sun.
And we watered it even more...maybe it needs more water.
And now, well, there's a lot of blossoms.
 And I learned something very valuable,
You can't just standby and wait for things to work out.
You gotta work for it.
You gotta try new things,
try different things,
figure things out.
 God helps those who help themselves.

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  1. New follower of your adorable blog. This post was so sweet. It's amazing what something so small and simple can show you in your day-to-day life. Even if it's a dying plant. Cute blog.

    ♥ xoxo.
    we & serendipity