Gas Prices...

So here I am..
I really wanted to visit Tay today in American Fork for his lunch break.
Unfortunately, due to our poorness and the price of gas, I couldn't leave American Fork after his lunch.
The plan?
I was supposed to spend 4 hours in the library watching netflix and dorking around, then he would pick me up at five when he got off.
So, he dropped me off at the library annnnnnd
Netflix was blocked.
That's okay I can listen to music!
Pandora was blocked.
That's okay...I can read...
I picked a book that I had read when I was twelve and really enjoyed, but I guess my taste in books has changed in the past 8 years...go figure.

Now I was bored and sleepy, so I thought I would walk to Tay's work and our car down the street.
Turns out, down the street was actually 1 1/2 miles.
 It was windy as all get out!
My dress was blowing around threatening to show my unmentionables, my purse was constantly being blown off my shoulder, and my hair was whipping around so much that I couldn't see a thing.
I kept on going though. I just wanted to take a nap in the car!
Finally, Finally, FINALLY I got there.
I scrambled in the car and tried to get comfortable...it was really really hot.
I opened the window, and  unleashed the force of the wind.
:( didn't like that.
So, I did the next best thing!
Climbed in the trunk.
It was much cooler in the trunk, plus no one would judge me for sleeping in the car and my unattractive sleep face.
new owl earrings that my lovely stepmom so sweetly gave me!!!! :)
I played a few games on Tay's phone, and took a glorious nap!
I woke up to the phone ringing and someone getting into the car.
"Hi baby!"
"...where are you?"
"Are you in the trunk??"
And that was my day. 
Stupid high gas prices.


  1. The trunk?! That's pure awesomeness. :) I totally feel you on the whole gas prices -- it's incredibly insane how expensive it is. I swear I'm going to have a heart attack everytime I have to go to the gas station. Yay for you getting to have lunch with your sweetie though! Oh, and those owl earrings are amazing!

  2. Hahaha, do you sleep in the trunk often? :)

  3. BAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I had my day off, you could have chilled here you poop.