i'm in love with a thief

Bri, Ryan, Tay, and I all hit up

Utah has a lot of "days"
Onion days
Pleasant Family Days
Lavender Days
Pioneer Days
But I love love LOVE Strawberry Days!
Mostly because of strawberries and cream :)
The most delicious thing...out of a lot of delicious things!
And I don't even like strawberries!!
Anyway, there's lots of events and such, but we just went to the Carnival.
Tay has NEVER been to a carnival!
A deprived child, I know haha :)
But more than anything, he wanted to win me something!
Wellllll! He did!
I know, the lighting is weird as all get out.
 He won the dog by getting a slam-dunk! 
Super cool!
But he won that disgusting frog by dominating at the balloon darts. 
This is where we have a story of a true carnie.
The guy said that the more balloons Tay popped, the bigger the prize will be.
He popped all of them!
And the guy pulled out this ugly frog from a bin full of beanie baby things, and one giraffe.
"I thought I got a big prize.."
"You have to pop three more"
"oh, okay, but I'm not paying again. You said I got a big prize."
"You have to pay again."
"Well, can I have a different small prize?"
"from this bin."
"Okay, then I want the giraffe"
"You have to play again for that."
"It's in the bin."
"I don't know how it got there"
So we left with this ugly frog.
Tay despises frogs.
And I love giraffes.
We were pretty bummed we got gypped.

There's a giraffe in this pic.
Well, my lovebird sprinted to the booth while the mean carnie wasn't looking,
swapped the nasty frog for our rightful prize,
and sprinted away.
And I love him.


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