Restaurant Records

There is something annoying about the world of serious dating/ being engaged.
Well...annoying AND great at the same time.
Here's the dilemma:
You spend every waking second with the one you love.
You get hungry.
You want to make food and save money and calories, 
BUT then you gotta be around people, and buy groceries, and have dishes and cooking utensils..and you don't wanna buy those, because in like 2 months you're gonna get lots of that shiz in the form of gifts!
So...what do you do?
You spend a lot of money.
Eat a lot of calories.
And eat out and out and out every single night of your life.
So, our wallets shrink, and our waistlines grow.
ANYWAY, being me, I have a few restaurant tales to tell.
Here's one of them!
(This intro may seem a little misleading, because the story doesn't actually involve Tay)
I went out with a friend and their family.
I didn't want to be rude, so I ordered a modest meal.
(they were paying.)
But they all got an appetizer, and a dessert with their meals!
I'm not a huge fan of desserts,
but when you're surrounded by them....well, you start to develop a lil' sweet tooth.
Obviously, this family is a lil' different.
I mean, they all got their own individual appetizers and desserts, but what's more?
They all went to the bathroom at the same time after dinner.
I know.
...and I still wanted dessert.
And then I saw it.
A little half-eaten dessert sitting all alone on a table :(
It was abandoned by someone! 
And so I did what any respectable, dessert-craving, person would do.
I ate it.
I ate someone's food.
Apparently, that's not the right thing to do.
I got stared down and left the restaurant in shame.
That's that.
Love y'all!