....So, Sup?

Well, hello!
I've been on a little hiatus and such for the past little while, but I'm back!
I hope...
Anyway, I had a lot of fun doing stuff and things!
Tay and I visited the hot springs
(which wasn't that fun in the hot weather...go figure.)
But it was still GORGEOUS!
My good friend and future sister-in-law gave me bangs!
I'm lovin' them :)
I drew a little thing for Tay, because why?
Oh nothing, he's just incredibly amazing and deserved just a litttttttle something. 
Funny unrelated story:
I don't work currently,
oh yeah, I don't work anymore, don't think I ever mentioned that.
There was a big mess at work, and it made me feel highly uncomfortable, so I quit.
But I still liked that job a lot. My favorite job so far. 
ANYWAY, I'm bored all day long while I search for a new job...so I texted Tay:
"Let's have a baby"
Of course I was kidding, although 4 episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras made the suggestion a bit more serious...
Well, Tay came home with a beautiful pink rose, and a card that said "It's a Girl"
I guess that'll do....for now.
Also, it's June.
Which means...
I get married next month!!!
And the last thing?
My friend Kelsey is doing a really saweet give-a-way!!
You should definitely check it out!
And follow her, because she's fun and sweet and awesome :)

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