Blogger Block

I don't actually have blogger block.
I'm just going to talk about blogger block.
I know you appreciate the alliteration!
I lost my first follower....
I was kind of sad.
I mean, I only had 42
(Luckily a special nice person started following me the next day, so I didn't feel too sad for long)
But it got me to thinking.
Why? Why, person, did you stop following me?
Am I too mean?
Lately, I've noticed that my posts have been a little mean.
Am I boring?
I could see that. I don't have a cute weekly thing, or sponsor thing, or anything.
Am I ugly?
I can do less pictures of myself!
(that one was mostly a fishing question...fishing for compliments ;) )
I need to reach out to other bloggers!
Sponsor posts!

I digress.

Alls I'm sayin is that maybe I don't have blogger block in that I don't know what to post about.
I think I may have blogger block in that I don't know what to blog about.
You get me?

A bit of a problem, don't you think?
I would hate to be the bleh blog.
Oh well! 
I will be a blogger to blog.

Side note!
My Mommy got a new do'!


  1. I lost one and felt the SAME way. Don't worry about it :)

  2. I feel the same way when I lose a follower!!! It makes me so sad.

  3. look at the bright side, cutie-pa-tootie... i only have 3 followers! BLAH! :) i get what you're saying though... chin up, you're blog is heartable!