the tyra banks complex

So, here I am in my messy apartment,
decorations strewn everywhere, Taylor's silly, dirty, once hidden socks in a pile, and only half of my Christmas lights working.
I guess I could hang the decorations, wash the socks, and fix the lights, buuuuuut I think I'd rather chill out before my first day working at the library..
I was watching The Seven Year Itch
(after switching from How to Steal a Million...to the disappointment of my sis-in-law  and many of you, I'm sure, I prefer Miss Monroe to Audrey...)
Oh, and I switched my notification sound from a light "ding" to sleigh bells.
It creeps me out every time.
I like this picture...and I can't even pinpoint why..

Anyway, have you guys ever seen that America's Next Top Model  episode where the girl says something and Tyra goes Ape...uh crazy and goes on and on and on about how that girl doesn't know where Tyra came from or who she is or blah blah blah.
Well. That is the Tyra Banks complex.
When people are really mean or unfair to me, (which happens almost every day at work), I think..
You don't know where I came from.
And I sometimes stew on it.
Give me a break! I just want a break! 
BUT wanna know something I hardly ever do?
Something I don't think Tyra did that one day?
I don't think...where did you come from?
What hardships have you suffered?
Do you need help?
why are you mad at me?
why  are you mean to me?
BUT at the same time, I firmly believe that one's past does NOT define you, nor does it give you any kind of excuse for any kind of behavior.
So, I'm a bit conflicted.
Can't we all just be nice to each other? No matter who we are or where we came from?
Look at this candid shot of Taylor :)
It's inspiring :)


  1. well, i just love everything about this post. and, as awesome as audrey is, i'll take marilyn over her ANY day. good call.

  2. 1. You make me laugh. :)
    2. I'm and Audrey girl myself, but Marilyn is a close second. :)
    3. This post is awesome. And you're awesome too. I agree, we should all just be nicer to each other!
    4. That's all. :)