double trouble

Remember how I had two jobs?
Well one was just awful awful..
It's actually quite the story!
And now, I have one job.
BUT Taylor has two jobs
So, that still equals three jobs.
But even with those three jobs, we will have to wait til January for Christmas,

(The part of Christmas that Christmas is NOT all about, but that we all know that we all look forward to.) 

Stuff like that happens to newlyweds.....right?
But now I have time to catch up.
With bills.
With cleaning.
With groceries.
With cooking.
With life.

So, my double jobs ended up being trouble, but that is not what I intended creating this post about.
I'm talking about a much more fun kind of "double trouble"
Double dating!!

I don't know if you married folks agree, but I think that when you're married (or in a serious relationship) couple friends can save your life!

I love love love our couple friends!!!!
We have Sara and Kevin, Michelle and Russ, Bri and Ryan (they count if they're family...), and we are always looking for more!! 

We all have friends, and some of us have lots of single friends.
For some reason, when we get married, hanging out with our single friends changes drastically.
Not that we don't want to! Or that we can't!
But a lot of the time, your interests change.
Instead of shopping and boys and make-up, it's marriage and housekeeping and babies.
Well. Not that exactly, but you get what I mean.
It's hard being in different places, and we all need friends.
Anyway, my advice to all you love stricken fella's and ladies,
get a couple friend!
I promise, if you get along, then you will never regret your new friendship!
What do you think?
Oh, and any ideas for inexpensive and amazing Christmas gifts?
I'm kind of in desperate need..


  1. I think the little things for Christmas are great. I recently did a stocking stuffer post that a lot of people tend to like. Also, we LOVE our friends too! I'm so grateful I got out of our comfort zone to meet some awesome new people.

  2. which job did you quit? also, couple friends rock... except when they have babies. haha jk. but really... let's double.

  3. Last year my hubby and I didn't have a very good christmas either. I think that comes with the territory as a newlywed. It can only get better right?