writers block

Every day at work, I see hundreds and hundreds of books.
I put them away, I pick them up, I skim through them, I scan them.
I'm immersed in books.
I walk home, I sit down, and I blog about what?
In all those hundreds of books, most are not center aligned, with snippets of whatever nonsense, and big pictures of random whatevers.
Although, I suppose, some are like that...
mostly magazines, or picture books,
but the point is:
 my blog is so different than a book.

And as I work, I think about all the things I could write about..
religion, history, fantasy, a book about a teenage girl in love with a vampire, something!
 But at the same time, I can hardly figure out where I'm going with this one post!
I started a novel in High School...
it was about a kid named Matt who was an abnormally gifted at the piano..and he found a magic coin that transported him to a magic...place.
It was awful.
Maybe I'm not meant to write a book, but I have this blog.
And I really want this blog to NOT be... Matt and the Magic Coin,
but every time I sit down to write, all the ideas I once had are gone..
My brain melts and runs out my nose, and I'm left with a blank white rectangle on my computer screen.
I'm afraid to write about politics or theories or science,
good heavens, I'm not about to bore 92 people!

Here we are.
Here I am rambling about my writers block,
and here you are reading about it.

Quite frankly, that's all I can think of to say.

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