it's almost here

Christmas is almost here!
I can't help but feel different this year...
maybe it's because it's my first Christmas with Taylor as my husband,
or that it's my first Christmas not in school,
or maybe it's because I'm not quite prepared for it,
I don't know!
But it doesn't feel like Christmas to me. 
Not yet.
But I really hope it kicks up soon.
Because I miss it!
I feel like Cindy Lou Who!
"Where are you, Christmas?"

Okay, so this is what I been hearing for the past 30 minutes:
"I don't know what to write..."
"What am I supposed to do?"
"This is hard..."
"Will you finish it for me...?"
So here I am, folks. You may remember me from Taylor Tuesday's. It was around for a whole 2 weeks. Meaning 2 posts. 1 for each Tuesday. Yep. I blog. 
And here we go. If you haven't caught on yet, I'm Taylor. THE Taylor. The one she goes on and on and on about. The one who is supposedly the greatest thing ever. The one that is so nice and sweet and good looking and what not. Yeah... That's me! 
How are you guys doing? I am well. Okay enough about me. Back to the story...
So my baby is struggling to write. She runs into her road blocks, as does everyone else. And I'm just trying to bring up so many alternatives!!! 
Blog about connections! How we went on an hour drive last night talking about life and love and looking at Christmas lights. How we loooooooove to catch up on each other's thoughts and views. How great it is to be together. How we're making new, great friends, and developing strong relationships with our current friends.
Blog about new things you've learned! I just got done reading a book about Mr. $100 bill, Ben Frank. He was quite the man. Wise, funny, intelligent, kind, proactive, and one of the most important people in our country's history. The things we can learn from him! 
Blog about the freaking season we're in! Which is what she did start now kinda... So I can't get after her for that. 
Blog about updates with our lives! Like how we've finally paid off our pictures! (Oh, and this means you will be getting to see them very very soon on here!) 
OR something like that! 

But what do I know? I have no idea how to blog. I don't think I have it down one bit. Look at my spacing!! I don't know what I'm doing! But I like to think I'm given some slack for my third time ever. 
And there you have it. Not just more spacing, but another post in the life of Stubbornly Delighted. I hope it was a fun or somewhat entertaining read for you guys! If it was, let me know! I love feedback! If not, let me know! I love to hear what I can improve with my content or structure or spacing! I need help there! You guys are great. I know my wife truly adores the blogs she reads, and when you guys read her blog and comment and be involved with her blogging world. I know this is a huge thing for her. She loves to blog. It is one thing that kinda defines her! 

Aaaaaaaaand I'm done. Have a great Sunday, y'all! Most importantly, have a very Merry Christmas!


  1. I like you guys. Also, Taylor is a champ. Scotty would. NEVER write on the blog! Lets be married friends. K thanks byeeeee.

  2. I have been feeling like it isn't Christmas too. For the same reasons you are thinking. So... we should probably just turn on the Christmas jams FULL BLAST! We only have a week!!! And I am so happy your husband blogs because mine does too and now they can be blog friends too ;)

    Love, The Skinnys

  3. Have yourself a very Merry Christmas.