friday's letters...hope it's not too late

Dear Library,
Thank you so so much for letting me work here! It is by far the best job that I have ever had!

Dear Mikarose,
YOU SUCK! Please stop tormenting people with your overpriced and very low quality clothes that you store in a working bathroom. Good luck with your awful ideas and horrendous work ethic. I hate you.

Dear Husband,
I know working two jobs is really...not fun. But I'm proud of you for working hard, and being really optimistic! YOU ROCK! And you look super sexy in your Uhaul Thug Nasty Threads!

Dear House,
We are going places! You are gonna look absolutely grand in no time! I promise!

Dear Hair,
I know you're purple. I understand this is a big change. Hopefully we can pull it off without becoming one of those trashy purple hair people. I think we can.

Dear Blog,
I know you're not the most popular girl in school...or the prettiest..or the nicest, but I really enjoy you. :)

Dear Reader's Blogs,
If I'm not a follower yet, please email bomb me! I love reading blogs and getting to know people! It's the best! 

Dear Christmas Tree,
I really like that we decorated you with pictures of me and Taylor. Tay likes it too. :) Did you know that I love him? ....a lot??



  1. glad you love your job! i need to write me some friday letters...

  2. I love your hair!!! I've been wanting to get up the nerve to go purple, but I'm not there yet so kudos to you! And you can so pull it off! :)