how i know..

      How do I know that I married the perfect man for me? Because of our first Christmas. I knew beforehand, but now, there isn't any doubt. This sure knowledge is partly because of his ever so thoughtful gifts, partly because of how he spent today with me, and partly because of what is important to him. 

First thing he did today was come to work with me. He HELPED me open the frozen bookdrops and sort all the books down. When we got home, he eagerly handed me the gifts that he had spent so much time preparing and gathering for me. Weeks and weeks and weeks ago, I mentioned I wanted to start tanning...I got a month pass. I talked about how I miss my lace tops. I got one. I talked about how I want more flat boots. I now have 2 pairs! I mentioned how I wanted a foot spa in passing. I got one! I posted a picture on instagram about some jeans I thought were cute. He got me 2 pairs in the colors I wanted!! And a beautiful handmade hat in my absolute favorite color :)

Oh, and of course, he got some things that he loves :) Journal of Discourses from me :) Candy canes...from him, and a book on his favorite celebrity from his very sweet brother!! :D

The next thing he did? Called his mom. He's so sweet and loves her so much! So do I :) He then texted his brothers. Family is so important to him! He excitedly got ready and went to a party on my mom's side. Talked to everyone, asked sincere questions, complimented the food... Then my dad's. He played games and ate and had so much fun. MY family is his now..and really important to him too!

Next? We watched Christmas Story and cuddled..

And now? He's letting me blog, because he knows I like it..

Yeah, we get annoyed at each other sometimes. Yeah, we fight on occasion.

But he's a gem..
I love him so so much :)


  1. merry christmas to the cute little rios family! (: i love married christmas!

    where did you get a tanning pass too? i need to start going back. we should be tanning pals!

  2. Hello, Found you blog through Mr.d & me blog.
    Your husband sure does pay attention, I need him to spread the word to my husband. lol
    I am a fellow Newlywed & Your new follower. :)
    Look forward to learning more about you and your life.