friday's letters 12/28

Dear readers,
Thank you so so so much for all your helpful feedback on my last post! You guys rock! I'm super excited to try out your methods and finally have long hair again! Y'all are genius :)

Dear snow,
I used to like you okay, but I'm beginning to hate you.
I REALLY wanted to see some family members and now I can't!! 
Please stop so that they can one day drive down...

Dear Tay,
WOW!!!!! You're working 50-70 hour weeks! You are literally knocking my socks off with your amazing attitude and incredible work ethic. I really could not be more proud of you. I love you so much!

Dear library,
Thank you for giving me the perfect job. Now I can earn money, have fun, and do homemaking things! .....I just have to start doing the homemaking things.

Dear Desperate Housewives,
You are reaaaallly good at taking up my time.

Dear outfit today,
You're super cute. 
I like you.
I love you.
But please, if you would, stop sliding down and showing the world my coconuts.

Kolie :)


1 comment:

  1. One of my most favorite things when I got married is to see (and be so extremely proud of) my hardworking husband. Seriously...I don't know what I would have done if I had a lazy husband. So I'm super glad you have an awesome {positive} hardworking husband, too! Your outfit is adorable, too, really.