our new baby

FIRSTLY, check out my giveaway over at Our Happily Ever After!
And then, stick around for a bit over there, because Alli is awesome and so so so sweet.
Plus, she recognized my husband as a hunk, which totally made my day!
My apologies for my last, heavy, and maybe even uncomfortable post.
It was kind of a vent thing about what I need to work on and how I wanna handle it.
Ha... C'est la vie!
( I have NO idea if I spelled that correctly..)
Last, but not least:
To the horror, understanding, and happiness of our various friends...
I don't know why, but I SO am.
But having a baby right now isn't really in our plans...
I told Tay I would settle for a puppy! But our Landlord told us, that wasn't allowed.
I can have a poopy, vomit, adorable baby, but not a poopy adorable puppy..according to our leasing contract.
What does a baby hungry, puppyless, babyless girl to do?
Mini Babies!
In the form of 3 Goldfish, a female Betta, and a Crab. 
(Left- Iguana Ice Bro, Right-Jacob and Edward)
(Krabby! Named after the heroic Pokemon!)
Our betta, Bella, is too camera shy...so :(

I love these little guys already!
I really do!
...they might be freezing since our heaters don't work.
Although, we do kind of  have a solution for that...

:) Hit me up any time! <3

PS: Any ideas or suggestions for my blog's background? 


  1. I'm wanting a puppy sooooo bad right now, but I'm not home enough right now to take care of it so alas I'll probably be getting some fish babies soon too :)

  2. i'm the most baby hungry person ever. EVER! i just want the husby to impregnate me already. also, i'm diggin the white background, if we're being honest. haha

  3. I LOVE CRAB!!! Honestly we have this weird thing about crab, they are so cute and walk in a funny way...

    BTW I finally got bigger button size, if you want to change mine to the new one on my site, feel free to grab the html! No worries though if not. :) hope you had a happy halloween!!!

  4. haha--Your way of heating the house reminds me of how, at Cosmetology school because the owners refuse to turn the heat high enough for us, we just turn on the hair dryers that people would normally sit under and they heat up the rooms pretty well!