two things

Two things.
First, I'm back for real for real for real! 
I have pictures to prove it!
Taylor's brother gave us a tower, and as a late wedding gift/birthday gift/just being super nice gift, a secret someone got us a big ol' monitor!
It's big enough to double as a tv screen! 
We can finally watch movies in our living room...instead of the "netflix machine" (Tay's old phone) in our bed...
Although, that was fun too...
Sure, I have to sit on the floor to blog, but
It's October. I love October.
Easy. I met my wonderful husband in October!

I'm excited for this month :)
I get to wear fall clothes,

 we're going to the Oregon State vs BYU game
...in our Beaver gear...shhh..
Halloween is this month,  and it's gorgeous outside..GORGEOUS
I love this month :)
I'm revamping the appearance of my blog...or trying to...so bear with me.
I wanna get back into button swaps, guest posts, the whole thing, and I really really wanna get y'all a giveaway goin!!
I wanna make some changes in my life to better others..
I wanna stop gossiping, judging, and the rest of that dumb dumb stuff that so many of us do and justify why we do it.
I wanna tell you all FINALLY about the amazing Kelsey from A Muse in Purple 
Which I will do...right now!
A while ago, I signed up for a blogger gift exchange (of sorts). 
Everyone involved (and there were many), had someone to give a gift to!
I had Kelsey :)
Well present exchange time came, and guess who got zip, nada, nothin?
that's right.
I got gypped! 
So, after the whole thing, Kelsey sent me something! She sent her blogger something AND me something :)
Cute bangles, delicious lip gloss, a travel scentsy, and more. 
What an angel!
Thank you, Kelsey!\
Sorry it took so long to say it :)

And one last thing...
I need costume ideas for Halloween..anyone???


  1. Costume ideas are SOOO HARD! Like..so hard. My husband and I are dressing up in those spandex suit things. Just to be stupid! I'm so excited though. I'm also stoked you're back! You looked gorgeous and so happy in that wedding photo. Oh, and I LOVE this background that's currently on your page. Glad you're back, darling!

    amanda @ we and serendipity

  2. YAY! So glad you're back! And fall clothes really are the absolute best.

  3. Oh your welcome sweet pea! I know you've been busy, just paying it forward. I'm super excited for you to go the Beaver game this weekend. Whitney over at As Luck Would Have it, is begging me to come to the game but alas I'm jobless and have no money ;( Hit her up and maybe you can meet a blogging buddy in person http://www.themiddleofthestreet.blogspot.com/