I'm sorta..computerless.
Which is why I haven't posted in a long long time.
I'm working on it, but...thank you for sticking around!
I'm married now.
I'm super married now.
I get to hang out with my best friend every single day!
I get to do EVERYTHING with him!!
And just so you know, our wedding day was STUNNING!
And I am so so so grateful for everyone that helped out and came.
Soooo many people gave us such amazing gifts and services and ah, I am so full of gratitude!
I love being married.
I love sleeping next to my bestest friend in a big ol' bed,
waking up to him...
seeing him help with the dishes every single day!
Knowing I made the right decision.
Knowing we can work toward goals together.
 I love that I have adventures with my HUSBAND!
Like random football games right before work in my nice work clothes...
So so so fun.
And see this?
Do you SEE this man?
I get to see him naked.
:) and it's completely romantic and amazing.
I had to say it.
I love him so so much.
He is my baby boy, my protector, and provider.
He's perfect.
I hope I can talk to you soon, folks.
And I hope you can all be or are as happy as I am.


  1. awww!! congrats!! and you are so funny! "i get to see him naked!"
    you look GORGEOUS!


  2. Finally! I can't wait to see your happy married self for Christmas! I'm so happy for you!

  3. Congratulations!!! This is so amazing...and you look beautiful :)


  4. Yay!! Congrats to both of you on starting this new life adventure!!! And you look absolutely gorgeous!