love Kolie

So, my sis-in-law does "friday Letters" every friday.
At first I thought
Wow! I totally wanna steal that idea.
...and then I did. :)
I hope I have some way of posting every friday....fingers crossed, people!

Dear Husband,
THANK YOU for landing a solid job! Don't give up. Never lose faith. :) I love you so so much and living with you is da bomb.com!
Dear Fashion Advisor/Bri,
Thank you for helping me to find cute and useful clothes! Please, let's do it again some time! :)
Dear cowboy boots,
I LOVE YOU! Thank you for existing and being in my possesion!
Dear Work,
I thought I was DONE with 12 1/2 hour shifts, thanks for calling me in...NOT. Poophead.
Dear Oregon,
I'm so excited to come visit you! I need a vacation so so so so bad!
Dear Body,
I'm sorry you're going through garbage. Just be patient. You'll get a break in a lil' tiny bit! I promise...then you can sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep...*yawwwwn*

Dear Weather,
Thank you for staying so nice and beautiful. you have been very accomodating and I just love love love it!
Dear Husband again,
We need to start looking for a tv, cause your baby girl is dying of boredom when she has a morning off! Pleeeeeeaaaaaase!
Kolie :)


  1. You are cute. Super. And I'd like to have those boots of yo's!

    Amanda @ weandserendipity.blogspot.com

  2. Did you link it up on the Adventures of Newlyweds site? You copy and paste the URL to her Adventures of Newlyweds "Fridays Letters", so you can see other peoples blogs and they can find yours!! :)

    And of course, you are welcome for the shopping! You know I enjoy it :)

  3. I love fall boots!! Seriously. Mine aren't quite so cowboyish as you, but still - I can't wait till it gets a little warmer so I can wear them all the time.

    I just found your blog, and it's so cute! I'm excited to be your newest follower :)



  4. love those boots!

    New follower!

    Have a great week! Drop by nichollvincent.blogspot and say hi!