retail: the scoop

I've found something out about a lot of girlies.
We wanna work in retail!
(or like..in an office as a receptionist or something...)
It's the perfect job!
You work with clothes!
You work with people that like clothes!
You get to look cute everyday!
I mean really..for a lady student, what could be better?
LADY, not lazy.

Well, I work two retail jobs
(Granted one is at a kiosk..)
and I have learned a lot.
The ups, the downs, the all arounds, so before you walk into Forever XXI thinking once again,
I could totally work here and LOVE it,
lemme point out the pros and cons of working in this industry.
like constantly taking pics of myself! That's a pro? haha
~Discounts! At both my jobs I get 50% off! That is AWESOME! My sis-in-law gets a discount at Francesca's and who wouldn't want that?? Almost all retail jobs give thier employees a little somethin somethin like that (almost all)
~People! I love to help people find the perfect whatever for their outfit. Whether it's a belt or a skirt or a halftee, it's so fun to help them out!
~Co-workers! I've made a few reallllly good friends! I love it! One of my managers even came to my wedding! Love her. :)

~Crazy hours-I work 2-6 some days, then 1-9, then 9-2, and so on!
~Angry customers-It's almost NEVER my fault that someone is upset :(
~  Gossip: like most jobs, you're not gonna like every decision someone makes or even enjoy working with a few people, but I don't much like gossip
~It's hard-It's way harder than it looks! There's lots of cleaning, organizing, taking inventory, returns, exchanges, upselling, redressing mannequins, it's not for the lazy, and it's not always fun and games.

In conclusion, I love my jobs! But I don't wanna work in retail for the rest of my life :/
Love you!
Miss you!
Anyone have stories about retail jobs or otherwise?


  1. 50% discounts? that would DEFINITELY be my favourite part!

  2. Yay!!! Your outfits are SO CUTE. I'm so glad that you are taking advantage of your new wardrobe! :D Next month we will do another shopping adventure, we gotta build up that closet of yours :)

  3. PS, I like this post! Too cute & fun!

  4. So fun! I had a job at Victoria's Secret and thought it was going to be the best job ever! Yeah it totally wasn't. Always changing shifts, working until three in the morning, and just the all around drama gossip and fakeness. It wasn't a fun job! Buuut, I still shop there haha!

  5. you look absolutely gorg in all but i really love those pants in the last pics!

  6. I like how you dress, Kolie. You're so fashionable! :) Have you tried LinkedIn? It's a great way to put yourself out there, you know. A couple of people have already approached me on this site wanting to interview me about various retail problems and tips. So as you can see, this site can be a very valuable tool to have.

    Sherlock Best