I hate catch-up posts...Mostly because there's only a few blogs I follow that I really want to know what they've been up to. However, when we write our blog posts, I think it's important to remember who we write them for. Sometimes we write them for "sponsors." Sometimes we write them for ourselves to feel good or pretty or popular. Often times we write them to the world, because we feel impassioned about something, and we want (or need) to share it. But no matter who we write to, there's always people that are close to us that read it all.

And that's why we write catch-up posts. (for this kind of blog anyway)

School: I'm doing very well in school, and Taylor is also. We got this :) Also, after attending both BYU and USU, I have to say that they are pretty much equal. Anything USU lacks, BYU probably has and vice versa (however you say that). I definitely like USU better,  but I'm sure I'm biased.

That being said, we have some school pride. Taylor, actually, has a ton of school pride.

  • Games:

Our packed stadium

We camped out in the freezing weather for good seats to the game.

We rocked it on the kiss cam :)

  • Choir:

I had fun at my first choir concert (despite every girl feeling like our boobs were falling out of our rather low-cut dresses)

My face is covered...but I'm the second from the left on the second row
Work: Like many poor college students, we work too. Taylor works a lot for comcast, and I work graveyards doing custodial at the University. Glamour jobs? No. But we are very very thankful to have them.

Church: Our ward is excellent! Everyone is very inviting, and we have already made a lot of friends. We also dominated the weird hat competition at our first ward activity and won a $25 giftcard to 4 different restaurants! We also shot pumpkins at a car..oh so fun.
We won!

The car didn't stand a chance
Dates: We try to still make time for dates with our busy schedules, and of course, we dress up for them.
I felt so cute, I had to share :)

He's so hot. I know. And manly too!

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  1. Yay : ) You're back! I hate catch up posts too, but I do em so I don't forget things!