Lovers Day is Kinda Great for Lovers

Valentine's day! A day of love, hearts, commercialized gifts that every girl loves, and a great day to have the most wonderful boyfriend. Okay, I'm not trying to rub into the face of those of you that are celebrating "National Single Appreciate Day" today, believe me I've been there...
So I'm at work. Work work work. Blah blah boring. I get up to examine the "treat desk," stretch my legs, bug Emily, and whatnot. I contemplate picking up a cookies 'n cream Hershey bar for much too long, and turn around to head to my desk after deciding it was a no go. But What?! Who's that walking toward me lookin SO FIIIIINE with gifts and gifts! Why, it's my lovely Taylor. :D
He gave me a traditional box of chocolates with a lovely unicorn on it that says "Have A Magical Day," An "I LOVE YOU" balloon, and a single rose with a card saying I only got one flower...porque hay solo una flora en mi vida (which using Google translate means "because there is only one plant in my life," but according to my high school German teacher and the YouTube video Wicked Deception, translation websites can be super stupid.)
And I'm very in love. And so is he...which makes me more in love.
Us back in the day

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