Okay...not really Portlandia. In fact, when I went to Oregon last weekend we hardly went to Portland at all. BUT I got to spend a lot of wonderful time with a lot of wonderful people. And I learned how to play bananaramoamograms. Ya know, the game that's a mix between boggle and scrabble and comes in a banana bag...? I'm SO good at cheating with those games. I just make up words and like 98% of the time, they end up being true. But ANYWAY, I think Oregon is the prettiest place I have ever been.

Kindergarten Cop School!
See what I mean??? And also, there are sea lions,

artistic shots,
annnnd love :)
Best trip ever. So far. :D


  1. So glad you got to go to my home state!
    Did you go around Hood River at all?

    1. No, but we're going back this month!