18 Days

In 18 days, Taylor and I will have been married for two years! It's been another crazy, fun, exciting, awesome year that I will discuss 18 days from now. There's something else in 18 days, and Taylor and I are anxiously waiting for the day. The day school starts.

We are the annoying kids that actually really love school! We've been going on weekly walks around campus, because we are just so excited. I've finally locked in my double-major, and Taylor is taking two math classes and a chemistry class. We're gonna be busy bees, but that's what we love! Thankfully, our jobs are perfectly suited for us and our schedules, and everything is appearing to go well. There's gonna be ups and downs all year long, but we have an optimistic outlook.

School, school, school! I just want it to start now!

I know.

I'm crazy.

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