We adopted a big, big cat named Tiger. He's adorable. He's so stinking cute and sweet! He loves people, cuddling, snuggling, attention, and love. I'm not even kidding! The cat doesn't have an ounce of "mean" in his body! He has two extra toes that we love extra, a green bow tie, and a big appetite. And that's basically Tiger in a nutshell.

We first saw him in a kennel at PetSmart. They keep sheltered cats there, because they're more likely to get adopted. He was sleeping. His big paw was draped across his eyes, so we could clearly see his little extra toe. It was instant love. We adopted him July 12th, 2014. :)

Yeah. He has a grumpy face, but it's very misleading.

Cats have long lives, so Tiger is gonna be around for a while. We couldn't be more happy. He'll be with us when we graduate school, have children, move to exciting places, everything! 

So, here's to growing our family just a little bit.

And here's to Tiger. May the odds be ever in his favor.

And that's how you write a post in five minutes or less.

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