Spring Fever

I am not a night owl. I also don't consider myself an early bird. In any case, I'm trying to type this post using my handy dandy iPad that my husband recently acquired for me through his awesome negotiating skills. It's quite challenging. And this paragraph makes little to no sense...

Anyway, I know that this warm weather and sunshine may just be an illusion, but it sure is getting me excited for spring! I love spring. My birthday is in Spring. I got engaged in Spring. Taylor's birthday is in Spring. It smells good, it feels good, it is good  amazing!!

During the winter I stay inside almost all day. I eat junk, and I emerge from my apartment like a bear that recently awoke from hibernation mixed with a puppy that is seeing grass for the first time. I ignore my allergies and frolic. Yes. Frolic. I frolic all over the place. I visit streams and waterfalls and play games!

I take pictures of flowers and pretty things!

And Taylor and I do fun things outside! Like go on picnics and stuff our faces...

I'm stoked for spring!!!!! Oh..and a word of advice. Don't blog from an iPad.

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  1. LoL!! You are hilarious. I'm a huge fan of spring too, and it can't come fast enough!