the no good very bad day

After we got home from our exciting trip to Vegas, life hit hard. It always seems to. :) Past mistakes and bad decisions are catching up with me, we left our house in a hurried mess, work was not-so-patiently waiting for us,  and Taylor and I are trying really hard to be ready for the temple as soon as possible!

It's not easy.

And today wasn't either.

I suddenly felt overwhelmed and wanted to give up. Ya know how it is. One thing will get you down and suddenly EVERYTHING seems impossible. I woke up today ready to clean and work out and run errands, and then suddenly I didn't think I could do any of it!

Luckily, I have a secret weapon that combats a no good very bad day. Well, it's not so secret...it's my best friend. Taylor has done everything he can to turn this frown upside down. And now I don't think I want to give up. This is just a minuscule moment of my entire life and even a smaller moment of eternity! I'm still scared and a little down, if you come to my door, I'll probably say "Um...I'll call you later," but I'm not gonna lay in bed all day and mope!

At the very least, I'll read a book!
...okay at the very least, I'll listen to a book.

And I'll try to get over this one day at a time! Days full of prayers and that helpful secret weapon.

What's your secret/notsosecret weapon to an awful day? Or any advice?

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  1. awww have a better day! let's hang out!

    also, i am 92% sure you are naked in that picture.