My Fair Wedding: Part 12

I love food! Who doesn't??(I kind of wish someone had warned me about the marriage 15)
Food has a tendency to eat up a lot of your wedding budget. Pun intended...however awful.
The most convenient aspect of my wedding, however, was the theme.
An old timey carnival means old timey foods!
So instead of paying someone a ton of money to cater our event, we just got lots of hot dogs, cotton candy, and lemonade (the lemonade stand was crafted by my uncle and manned by my adorable cousin)
The cotton candy machine was easy enough to obtain through my sister's work (Funfinity), and my Aunt's neighbor supplied us with the hotdog stand!

Our cake was entirely for show, so we bought it from a grocery store and had it decorated by a friend.
(The gorgeous cake topper was hand painted by my very own talented mother)
Our real dessert was pan dulce. :) Mexican sweet bread that was ridiculously inexpensive!

We provided our guests with a little candy bag/ At this point in time, the idea is hardly original, but it is cute. We ordered lots of candy through a grocery store (no additional charge), and my aunt and grandma ordered more candy online :)  

 We also had a little luncheon before the ceremony! My family joined together and made all of it while I was at work. I love my family. :)

I was so busy and nervous that I didn't really get to enjoy all the fun and delicious food...but our guests sure did!!! :D


  1. I LOVE that cake topper, holy cow. Wedding posts are my favorite.

    Also, I nominated you for an award over at my blog!

  2. I LOVE this! YOu had so many great ideas!!