My Fair Wedding: Part 10

My wedding planning, and life completely changed in the course of all these "parts"
It's really interesting..but I think I like being the more mature person I am now..
After Taylor and I made the reluctant, but right, decision to have a civil marriage, I felt like my life blew up.
I really wanted to get married in the temple.
I felt like people were constantly talking about me, judging us, gossiping...
My mind went CRAZY!
Oh...and I had to plan an entire ceremony in less than a month.
It was hard for me to even think about the ceremony that I never dreamed of...
I also picked up another job working 10-12 hour days right up to the DAY BEFORE my wedding.
That's when my 3 heroes saved my life. AND my wedding.
My Aunt, Grandma, and Mom stepped up BIG TIME!
They planned EVERYTHING, made EVERYTHING (except bouquets and boutineers), they did it all!
Angels. They are Angels.
Taylor and I are so grateful for what they did for us. I don't think we'll ever be able to repay them.
Here's a taste of what they did for the ceremony/luncheon..

Without all this help, I don't know what I would have done!
I'm so happy and grateful for my family's love and support :)

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  1. that gazebo is gorgeous! this is motivating me to finish up our love story series... it's been a long time coming lol