summer dreams

You guys.
It ICE RAINED...rained ice, whatever!
Ice is everywhere! Ice and cold and awful.

I'm a sniffling mess that's getting over the flu, and you know what?
I am dreaming of summer!
My summer dreams?
~To leave Utah
~To be tan!
~To be fit
~To be active 
~To have fun!!
And most importantly,
~To be sealed to my best friend for forever :)

I need to start preparing for all of that NOW
Which means...
I need to make plans!
I can't wait for all the discussions that Tay and i are going to have about, well, everything.
Marriage is awesome.
Can't wait for it to be for eternity :)


  1. You guys are so cute. I love how in love you are. Also, YOU'RE LEAVING UTAH? Where are you going? I'm so jealous!

  2. I am soooo tired of winter, too! I can't wait for summer...