stop looking for a photographer!

I have all my wedding photos now :)
Taylor and I aren't the richest and our photographer let us set up a payment plan!
That's just one reason that Carrie Lee Photography is just..well, the best!
She's also:
~Fun to work with
~ Affordable
~Easy going
~Often uses another photographer, so that she catches everything :)

She's the only photographer that was willing to work with us.
I mean, when we found her, we just changed our date and lost our previous photographer...
We had less than a month til the big day, and we weren't entirely sure where we were even getting married!
That didn't phase her.
She knocked off 20%, set us up with a payment plan, and said she would take formals, ceremony, and reception pictures...
no matter where our ceremony ended up..
Taylor and I were so stressed and overwhelmed with the all other aspects of our wedding, 
that Carrie was a huge life saver.
And she actually KNOWS how to take pictures! :) 
She knows what looks good, and she tells you how to position your body or face so that it looks the best!
And, at the same time, she's really fun and captures precious, raw moments too!
She's a complete professional and genius!

She gave us the rights to the photos she took,
and burned us ADORABLE CDs 

Here's what other people have said about Carrie

My pictures were better than I could have hoped for! I love her style :)

 Her style is exactly what I have been looking for! Great with my kids. So cute :)

 Her style is exactly what I have been looking for! Great with my kids. So cute :)

Taylor and I just want her to take pictures of us all the time!


  1. These Pictures are absolutely amazing, she is a talented photographer. Its great that she is also affordable & flexible.
    You both look great & Congrats!

  2. You know what I love about these? They're DIFFERENT than most people's. They really did turn out so so cute. I LOVED them! They're not like the cliche, usual wedding photos you're used to seeing. I'll pass this wonderful talented photographer's name around.

  3. She did a fabulous job! And I still can't get over how gorgeous your dress was :)