lucky lucky me :)

My life is slowly getting to be too good to be true.
And if that sentence didn't have to many "to's" then this one will:
How can one do all the "to-do's" that one wants to do in between all the to-dos that are too good to be true?
Taylor is talking to some people about summer sales, and it looks very promising. He's working so hard at both his jobs! He even won me Pitch Perfect at one of 'em! I don't understand how I am so lucky!
I found this guy who continually works ridiculously hard for me, who is constantly loving me, who has never ever yelled at me EVER, who comes from an amazing family, who respects me and other women, who stands up for what he believes in, and who has this incredible view on life.
He's never worried.
Which, I admit, is hard sometimes.
Sometimes I am freaking out about whatever and he "doesn't even care." Or so I think.
He does care, he just doesn't see the point in fretting about it.
He's incredible.
This post was not supposed to go on and on about how lucky I am for finding my Mr. Right.
It was supposed to be about how lucky I am for all the things and opportunities I have been given.
Haha, I guess he's just my favorite :)
But we're becoming more active in our ward, eating healthier, and making better decisions!
Which makes me happier!
Which makes me appreciate everything more!
Which makes me happierer!
Anyway, I wanna make an effort to be a better blogger, especially since I may just have a computer soon! Hahaha...oh the life of a computerless blogger.
Well, not computerless, just goodworkingcomputerless.
Oh, and look! 
Yesterday we had "Build Your Own Salads" for dinner!
It is Taylor's favorite meal so far, haha he thinks it's fun.
"like a little kid making his own pizza"


  1. Kolie, you are amazing! I adore how in love you guys are and look up to you, too! It amazes me every single day how hardworking and dedicated my own husband is. We are blessed girls. And so so incredibly lucky.

  2. the salad on the left looks waaaayyy too good. i want.

  3. My husband isn't a worrier either and he doesn't yell at me either...in fact they sound a lot alike. You seem to have a better attitude about it, though. Just this past weekend I had a freakout because my husband wasn't worried enough about the driving conditions. I always say to him, "You fear no consequence and it's infuriating!" I worry enough for both of us, and I appreciate the calm that he brings to me.