The Facts!

Since I did a link up yesterday, I think I might as well do as many as I possibly can! Maybe I can even conduct an experiment on link-ups and how much they increase your blog's popularity.
Yeah, I'm not doing that. BORING.
But anyway! Today, I'm linking up with The Life of Bon (one of my favorite blogs!) to tell you:

5 Facts You DON'T Know About Me

Unfortunately, the last time I did a list like this I did 5 really stupid facts, so I'm excited to do not-so-stupid ones...if I can.

(Are y'all proud of me for not using one of my many many gorgeous wedding photos? )
1. I hated my first job so much (it was a call center) that I would hit "end" instead of "call" on the phone and have fake conversations. I quit before they could fire me....my work ethic has greatly improved.

2. I talk very very quietly, but I hate repeating myself. I'm like the asian girl in Pitch Perfect, but less confident and not good at beat boxing. :)

3. I make a very impressive Grandma. People honestly mistake me for a grumpy, southern, old lady. I take pride in this. Although, I still deny that I am a "drama kid." I love acting! Hate the "culture" (I cheated. That's 2 facts.)

4..My real name is not Kolie. In fact, no one calls me Kolie except my husband (rarely) and my blog friends. Everyone calls me Nikole! I wanted it to be a thing (cause I think it's cute), but it's really not catching on. :( Although, my in-laws call me Makolie :) 

5. My mom is dating a cowboy...well not dating dating. But he calls her "lil city slicker" and it's ridiculously cute! Now that it's not a "secret" anymore, I hope that means I can blog about it! Isn't it just the cutest thing! Cowboy and a city girl. awww....


  1. i like the name kolie. i'll MAKE it catch on haha posting two days in a row? you just made my week.

  2. I hope you didn't eat your twin in the womb. .. .