the problem with a little space

I love my little vintage apartment. I really love it!
But after only 5 months of marriage I"m starting to get a little...uh...frustrated with the "little" part.
The tall ceilings make it look spacious and large, but the illusion is wearing off.
Not that I want a huge apartment or anything! Good heavens, I reaaaallly don't care about that,
we have slowly gained more and more things..
The zero counter space and single drawer in the kitchen worked when we didn't try to grocery shop and make dinner, but now we are.
The one tiny closet kind of worked when we had a handful of  summer clothes, but our winter stuff can only fit in the closet if half of it is in bins.
I really do love my little vintage apartment, but it is so hard to keep clean!
There's not enough cupboards for food and dishes, there's not enough drawers for clothes, there's not enough closet space for ANY shoes..
Every time I try to put something "away" something else has taken it's "spot." 
Consequently, there's always stuff with no where to go!
Which means, my apartment is never clean!
It's driving me crazy.

I am very very grateful for how lovely and cute my apartment is!
And I love that I have a place to call my own.
I delight in the fact that I have a cozy home with my very best friend
 I will just continue to love my little vintage apartment.
And never invite anyone over...or let anyone inside.
Problem solved!


  1. i think your apartment looks pretty cute! i kinda miss when we lived in a teeny little place. it was fun! just not really room for having people over, and that's my favorite thing. soooo... if y'all don't hate us too much, you can come over any time! pretty sure scotty liked taylor, and that's saying something. haha

  2. Your apartment does look really cute! I like it. I remember our last apartment, there was like not a place for anything. It was driving me nuts because I like clean & there was clutter everywhere! But I like it. From the pictures, it actually looks pretty impressive :)

  3. adorable! glad i'm not the only one who can't fit my shoes in the closes ;)