newlywed link up: how I met my hunky mexican lover

I love link-ups! You meet new people, share stories, have fun :)
So, I'm joining in on a newly wed blog hop :)

they ask you questions, you answer, you meet people.
The question this time around?
How did you meet the Mr?

How did I meet my hunky Mexican lover?
My roommate decided to sell Pest Control in Portland over the summer (in 2011),
there, she met this kid Taylor.
They became best friends and she told me a lot about him,
even before I met him I would ask her "well, what does Taylor think?" whenever she had some relationship question or problem :)

Towards the end of their summer, Taylor got real bummed, and complainy.
He asked Jenna if she had any friends she could hook him up with.
She did.
And it was me.
We texted every single day for three months straight.
Finally, he actually called me.
haha! I was surprised to hear his voice, pleasantly surprised!
He told me he was moving down to Provo!
(He also said something about his mom getting her hair "did")
Anyway, yay!
So, without meeting him, I drove up to Rexburg, Idaho and picked him up.
(we met halfish way from Portland)

he came down with 2 interviews, 2 suitcases, and 30 dollars.
...and a real big love crush on me.
And the rest is history :)


  1. That is so so cute! It kind of reminds me of our love story! We texted for a little bit before we actually met. And I knew I loved him all along. Cute!

  2. Kolie,
    That is a cute story and I loved reading it. You do crazy stuff when your "in love" or "crushing", I know I did.
    Thank you for linking up with Kelly and I! Don't forget to link up next Wednesday, if you want.


  3. This is so cute!
    I like that your friend introduced y'all!

  4. Thanks for linking up! You guys look so cute together!! I always think it's nice when you can meet people through friends. Do you guys still live in Portland? I hope you link up this week. I can't wait to read how he proposed.


    P.S. Sorry I'm so late commenting. Last week was pretty crazy at work.