it's clicking

After four months of marriage, things are clicking!

Taylor is working so hard with his two jobs,
he is getting noticed at both!
Chances for advancement may be on their way, and he's the record breaking top salesman at one of his jobs!
Can someone say proud?
Yes. I can.
I'm so stinking proud of him!!
And, today, while Tay was at work I
~Budgeted our money
~Figured out our car insurance
~Went grocery shopping
~Took down all the Christmas decorations
~Made an apple pie for a dinner party tonight
~AND cleaned up around the house
I'm finally being productive instead of moping around waiting for Tay to come home!!

We're reading our scriptures every single night, praying together, applying for schools, and really doing things.

We're figuring stuff out :)
It's the best!!

My happiness level?

 I wonder why it took me so long to click everything into place.
And now that we're using our money wisely, and I'm actually budgeting it, we can perhaps afford this!!!
That's right!
There's a formal dinner dance in the Provo Library Valentine's day :)
Sounds so fun to me!
I LOVE dressing up!!


  1. this is adorable. i love everything about this post! congrats on everything! so proud of YOU! :)

  2. Yay! That's great and really exciting! I'm glad things are clicking for you! :) May you have even more happy times!