friday letters 1/4/13

I realize that one post between "friday letters" is not enough...
oh well...

Dear 2012,
It's been fun. Within your year, I was engaged and married...pretty much the best thing ever.

Dear 2013,
I'm excited for all the things we get to do this next year! Traveling and visiting and working and school and...most importantly...getting married for ETERNITY!!!! :D :D :D :D Who says 13 is unlucky? (knock on wood)

Dear Weather,
I'm sorry, but you are way too cold! I have to walk home today in single digit temperatures, I'm not okay with that! I'm also not okay with THIS huge icicle waiting above my porch to impale me! Luckily, I have a beastly husband..

Dear Tootsie,
Thanks for hanging in there! Three winters of icy roads, and you're still runnin' strong! Whoooooo Tootsie!

Dear Body,
You're gonna be lookin' fiiiiiiine in no time!!!

Dear Husband! 
I'm really excited for our date next week :)

Dear Fur,
I really do wish I had more of you.

Dear Provo Library Users,
Can't we all return our books a little more.. staggeringly. (word?) 


  1. Holy cannoli! That really is a ginormous icicle!!!

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