My Fair Wedding: Part 11

I feel like so many brides get really caught up in the dress, the groom's attire, and the attire of the bridal/groomal party.
Consequently, they spend A LOT of money!
So, here's what I did...

The Bride:

My dream was a summer vintage wedding :)
My dream dress? 
~Lace Overlay
~Long train
I found 2 dresses that fit my criteria.  One was $400 and the other was $1000.
I heard A LOT of "It's your big day! Forget about the price! You only get married once and you should wear what you love the most"
Yeah, a lot of that. And you know what? I'm calling it! That is NOT true!
You do not need to borrow more money from your parents, or use your credit card, or go on a payment plan to buy your "dream" dress.
Everyone will see you in ONE dress. And you're going to look beautiful. They're not going to see you in your dress and the other one you were considering. They're not going to make the comparisons that you make, because they'll only see the one dress!
If you love it and you look beautiful, then that's all you need, even if you like a more expensive one more.
Just sayin.

The Groom:

We were lucky! 
Because of my causal vintage theme, Taylor didn't need a suit :)
He loves vests, so we decided to go with a gray vest/slacks combo.
He picked a beautiful tie and wore his favorite shoes that he inherited from his older brother
Bam. Done. And, he's a STUD.


This is where I became a bridezilla.
I was getting so stressed out with all the changes and the advice and the BLAH, that I was like.
This is how it is.
I like this dress.
Get it if you wanna be in the wedding.
Most of my bridesmaids were like "finally, girl!"
Afterall, I can't make everyone happy. I just can't! It's impossible!
I let them pick their shoes and dress it up however they wanted.
They look pretty good, eh?
I hope they don't hate me ;)


To keep the simple, vintage theme going, I didn't want the groomsmen to match.
I also didn't want them to have to buy too much stuff.
The plan?
Wear whatever khakis you have, get some cheap suspenders, white shirt, dress shoes, whatever purple tie.
I LOVE how they look!
It is exactly what Taylor and I wanted :) 

Throughout planning my wedding, people asked me what shade of purple and what color shoes and what blah blah blah.
I tried to think about it, but I just didn't care!
I wanted it to not match.
Haha! :) Call me simple?
And they still look like they go together!
Check check check!
And it was a dream! :)

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  1. Like I've said before, I LOVE your dress. LOVE it!!! And I love the bridesmaids dresses, so simple and easy to change up to their liking. I also love that the groomsmen didn't match. Oh and love the suspenders! Basically, loved the whole look of the wedding party :)