Kissy Kissy! Meet Lauren :)

I decided to title my blog "Stubborn Delight" because I believe that we are in charge of our feelings and emotions. I'd rather be happy, or delighted, all the time! Not angry, sad, and blegh. Although, I feel all that nasty stuff too. BUT, I have to admit, the title fits even more perfectly when you see how stubborn I am! I'm crazy stubborn!  It's ridiculous.

 Anyway, I have a new friend, Lauren, that is super stubborn about something else! She's a RIOT! I mean it! I love bloggers that are witty and fun, she's both :)
 Hey there! I'm Lauren and I blog over at Kisses from the Mrs. where I detail the adventures of being a newlywed and provide the world with a sneak peak into my fun, faith, and growing family.

I'm thrilled that Kolie is having me write over here on her blog today! I love doing guest posts - see, when I do a guest post I always try to do a play on words with the title of the blog I'm writing on. And hello, how could it get much better than Stubborn Delight?! It's perfect!!

Anyways, I was trying to think of ways I could show you all who I am while highlighting my delightfully stubborn attitude and BAM! It hit me. One of the things I'm most stubborn about is taking pictures... silly pictures, to be exact! The thing is, I'm whole heartily convinced that some of the best pictures are those that capture real laughter. And I'm sorry, but real laughter is hard to come by when standing in front of a camera! My solution? Make funny faces. Lots and lots of funny faces. Because right after the funny face, there's almost always an awesome real laughter face!

As a result, I have a ton of funny face pictures. And honestly, they've become my favorites - maybe even better than the real laughter pictures. How's that for the product of stubbornness being delightful, huh?? I think these silly pictures are my favorite because they make real laughter happen now too.

Like this one, from when I lived in the dorms with my best gal pal Elora and we dressed up for my birthday.

And see, I can't even go to a classy museum without stinking my finger up a statue's nose and making a funny face.

At least my husband knew what he was getting into. While dating, if Chris ever took a photo of me I'd be sure to give him one of these first. It's obvious why he fell in love, right?

Thankfully, when we were married he was right on board and gave into my stubborn demands of taking funny face photos. Feel free to check out more photos from our big day, they're delightful!

Of course, the honeymoon was no different. South Lake Tahoe probably had never seen that many silly faces. I obviously married my soul mate.

And when we went to Fort Bragg to celebrate our three month anniversary, the hubs even snapped one of me and our precious dog doing silly faces together. Trust me when I say the next picture was a pretty fantastic real laughter picture. I swear, the theory works!

But we most recently used this trick when we went to Disneyland. There may have been long lines but we entertained ourselves with funny face picture after funny face picture.

There you have it. My stubborn demands to have silly faces photos have resulted in delightful pictures and even better memories that Chris and I will be laughing at for ages, I'm sure. I can't wait until we can include our kiddos in on the fun! You should join in too, maybe we can start a new trend... Or if you'd rather just keep seeing goofy photos and hearing about our crazy adventures come hang out at Kisses from the Mrs.

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