accidental bangs

So, I got a new haircut.
I had lots of dead ends, no style, frizz central...a MESS.
I told Taylor that I just wanted to go to a hair school,
I just needed a trim!
Not hard!
But, Taylor, (oh I love him) said something like,
"No, we're going to get you a NICE haircut"
So, we went to an actual salon and paid an actual salon price!
I love love LOVE my new haircut, except...
I asked for "swoop bangs"
When she was all done, I was very confused.
My new bangs were lacking the "swoop" I had imagined.
I asked her what the deal was, and she said it was because of my cowlic and how she blow-dried it blah blah blah.
Okay, sounds good.
The next day, I got out of the shower and...NO swoop.
I've styled "swoop bangs" for years!
I CANNOT get these bangs to swoop!
So, now, I have really choppy, uneven, straight across bangs.
I tried to even them up, and you know what?
Who cares?
Taylor really likes my new accidental bangs!
I'll just be confident with them (or try to be), and pretend like I'm trying to be like Carly Rae Jepson, Taylor Swift, or something!


  1. Oh don't worry. They're quite cute. :)

  2. I punctually think they're really cute on you!

  3. I think they are cute on you! I asked for swoop bangs and the girl did a horrid job they were above my eyebrows and just soo ugly! I've been growing them out for a few months now and they are still a pain in my butt!

  4. Hey cutie I love the post and you totally pull of the bangs perfectly! I just found you and LOVE your blog! So excited to read more!!
    Have a fantastic weekend!
    Your newest follower.

  5. I love the bangs! sooo cute! excited to have stumbled upon your blog! new follower!