walk. NO foolin'

An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.
Henry David Thoreau

Okay, Thoreau, I don't really know about the "early-morning" part, but boy howdy, you are right! And this is no April Fool's joke!

Taylor and I love going on walks! At first, I did it as a health thing. Walking is at least something, so I'm kind of exercising... But now, it's much more valuable than that!
Every time we start our day off with a walk, the entire day is so much better! Today, for example, we woke up and went on a little walk. Normally my days off are full of lazy..er..laziness, but already today I made a delicious breakfast, started making parfaits for a dinner tonight, went grocery shopping, worked out, took a shower, and cleaned the house! And because of the fresh, happy start to the day, I feel optimistic, blessed, and HAPPY!

Not only that, but it's a great way to take a break from electronics and talk to each other. We have a lot of things coming up! Moving to Logan, summer sales, school, and most importantly, going through the temple! I love talking to my partner in life allllllll about it.

And even though Taylor looks silly, I sure do love him! I really appreciate all he does and the wonderful conversations we're able to have :)

I love all my blessings and I'm so grateful for them!
If you guys want to have a great day, try starting it out with a little walk!
It does wonders for us, oh, and don't forget Henry! It did wonders for him too!

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