A Short Library Tale

So, I was innocently putting picture books away when-

Well, actually, let me paint a picture for you.
 Also, why does "putting" look so weird..?

This is the Children's section of the library:
These are the shelves:
And this is the little scootery thing that I sit on to put the picture books away. I scoot down the aisles and am therefore not uncomfortable putting books away on the short shelves.
Where was I? Oh yes.  I was innocently putting picture books away when a lady decided to take up an entire aisle by the way she positioned her stroller. 

"Excuse me?" I said. But of course, I am very shy and rather awkward, so she didn't hear me. The logical thing to do would be to ask it a bit louder, but I had already mustered up all the "outgoingness" I could for the day and decided to get angry instead. So, I angrily tried to scoot away down the adjacent aisle and come up behind her. Don't drink and drive! And don't fume and scoot...

I was pushing my little scooter around with the force of a very mad woman, because I was, in fact, a very mad woman, when a wheel snagged on a bit of carpet and WHAM. It flipped over and I was on my back with a lapfull of books scattered around me. Oh boy! Now I was really mad. I got up, gathered the books and slammed them on the bookshelf by the lady. 

She didn't look over. 

I then, grabbed my little scooter, stomped down the aisle and proceeded to put books away.

I got so mad at a woman who didn't even know I was there AND who did nothing wrong!

Moral of the story: Learn to not let little things get to ya! Especially things that don't exist!


  1. Your descriptions are the best. So is your story telling. Love the moral of the story. haha!

  2. Picking your battles is way important. There are just a few hings that aren't worth worrying about.
    hahaha I loved this story! :)

  3. Ahhh life lessons. This is one I have to work on.

  4. just breathe.... :-) Hugs P.S. I invite you to stop by and get your entry in for my April Showers giveaway

  5. Just found your blog from Studio Eleven's work...she's working on mine too! I'm excited to follow you :)