YOUR conversion: an LDS post

I have to admit, I love the attention and encouragement I get when people realize my family isn't active in the church and I started going on my own. I like seeing the excitement of people when I tell them that my husband and I are getting sealed this summer. I laugh at myself along with everyone else when I believe things like "temples have gift shops." And I like playing the "primary song" game with my husband (he says the title of a primary song and I make up a song to go with it). BUT I think it's about time that people stop comparing conversions. 

Even the members that are raised in the church have to be converted to it! We can't live off our family's testimonies and so in order to have our own testimonies, we must be converted to the church. For some, it's not very recognizable. One day they believe, the next they really believe. Some fall away and come back. Some live the standards but lack a real testimony for a long time. Some experience something that makes it all clear. Whatever it may be, we all must be converted. 

I admire those that must leave everything behind (family, another religion, their home, etc.) to come to the church. I also admire those that live in a home surrounded by the Gospel for their entire lives, and then grow to have faith and a testimony in that same Gospel.

Let's love and admire the members that had trying, difficult, and amazing conversions.

But don't forget your own conversion. 

Love that too :)


  1. I agree with you. But seriously, I am SO EXCITED for you guys to get sealed. Just because I know the amazing feeling. I have truly been converted probably in the past month. And it is amazing.

  2. I love that you posted this when we were seriously JUST talking about it. So stoked for the sealing!

    1. I keep commenting with the wrong account. Sue me.

      xo, bri.

  3. What great news! That temple is beautiful!