Nature Nerds

Taylor and I are turning into the N&N Squad this summer. That's right! We are going to be nature nerds. We're already nerds, so we're halfway there! Logan is so pretty in the summer, and both of us used to do so stuff outside all the time. I used to hike bridal veil falls almost daily and Taylor used to swim in creeks (cricks) and stuff all the time.There's no reason we can't be like that now! If anyone is from Logan, or anywhere in Idaho or Utah, let us know of any hikes, nature trails or rivers that we should visit.

Hopefully this goal won't fizzle, because we really enjoy it. Plus, we play this game called "Senior Pictures" where we take senior pictures of each other. Okay, we need to come up with more creative names for our games.

This isn't a "Senior Pictures" pic. It's more like a candid sexy one.

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